Yard Signs and Print Marketing

Specialty Yard Signs and Directional Signs

In front of every listing is a car stopping Bright PINK sign! We use advanced technology that allows the buyer to call a number especially dedicated to your home’s listing so they may listen to a custom recorded description of your home’s features. Additionally, when they call this number, it notifies our staff instantaneously that someone is interested in your home and we can call them to discuss your property, even if their number is unlisted.

The buyer may also choose a feature that allows them to connect instantly with a person in our office. While most other real estate agents rely on voice mail, we employ a dedicated staff to handle just buyer calls alone so we can interact with the interested buyer before they even pull away from the curb in front of your house. We are more likely than the average agent to receive the call from the buyer with a live answer, therefore we are much more likely to retain the interest of these buyers and to get a showing scheduled.


Print Marketing

Homes Illustrated

We have a 2 page add in Homes Illustrated. This magazine is placed in all grocery stores. Buyer who are interested in purchasing will look through this magazine and give us a call. Each listing will have a 1-800 number assigned. Buyers will be able to call for recorded information on your listing. The service we use will capture their information and show us they are calling from Homes Illustrated. We will immediately call them back to discuss the home with them.




We also place a flyer box outside the home with pricing and photo’s of your home! We will also make a beautiful 4 page flyer that we also place outside and inside the home!

Just Listed Postcards

We send out Just listed postcards within a half a mile radius around your home. You never know if a neighbor may have a friend wanting to buy in the neighborhood. Or a renter who is tired of paying high rent. There is a good chance a renter can get a bigger home and pay less monthly when they buy because of interest rates.



Military Relocation Magazine!

We advertise our comany in the Military Relocation magazine. Every military family moving to Colorado Springs gets a copy of the magazine before moving to town. The magazine talks about Colorado Springs and what there is do to in the town. Our advertisement is on the first page offering buyers a tour of our city if they want to purchase. We will show our listings first before showing other homes to our buyers!

Click image to view the magazine!

Vendor Spending

Vendor Spending

When you list with me, you receive $700 to prepare your home to sell.

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Home Evaluation

Home Evaluation

How much is your home worth? Find out now with our free tool.

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Marketing Plan

We use the latest technology to reach every potential buyer.

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