Why Our MLS Entry is Better

Unfortunately, many real estate agents do not completely fill out the MLS list forms and leave many fill-in-fields blank. When a buyer inputs search criteria into the MLS, if fill-in-fields are left blank, it reduces the number of listings that populate their search. Many agents do a bare minimum MLS entry.

Meaning they only input the required fields but do nothing further. So if a buyer specifically wants a home with a fireplace in the living room and the listing agent left that out of the MLS, your home won’t show up in that buyers search for homes.

Our goal is to fill out your MLS listing to capacity and maximize the number of searches your listing will appear in. This, in addition to our exceptional floor plans, photographs and staging services create a truly remarkable MLS presence, making your home stand out above all the other homes in your price range.


Examples of a Bad MLS Listing:

*Realtors don’t select all features of a house and enter on the MLS listing. This isn’t good because if abuyer specifically wants to have A/C and their buyer’s agent only sets up a search looking for A/C yourhome won’t show up in the buyer’s home search. It is absolutely imperative that EVERY feature is listedon the MLS.

*Realtors don’t have a thorough and inviting description of the home. The description is what everybuyer wants to read if they are interested in the home, this should be warm and inviting and list all thefeatures of the home and why the buyer should pick your house over the competition. Many realtorsdon’t take advantage of this space on the MLS.

*Poor Photography‐Check out the burry pictures and the glare through the windows. The photo’saren’t wide angle either. This Realtor only used a point and shoot camera.

*Realtors don’t list additional rooms: In this particular listing an agent forgot to list other bedrooms andput down the room dimensions. Huge no‐no. A potential buyer wants to see what your entire homehas to offer.

*No Staging: This particular Realtor didn’t offer staging service to get their home sold. A staged homewill sell faster and much higher than a non‐staged home. So not staging a home does a disservice to theseller.

*Bad or No Virtual Tours: Many realtors may not even add a virtual tour to your listing. And if they doit may not even be a true virtual tour. Many realtors will do a slideshow of pictures. This is not a true virtual tour.

Why Our MLS Listing is Better!

Features of the Home: I list every feature of the home that the MLS has an entry for. This is veryimportant that these get listed on the MLS because a buyer searching for a home may want a fireplaceon the main floor. If the agent failed to list the fireplace, then it would not show up in that particularbuyers home search. Our MLS offers an input worksheet that shows all input fields. I take this throughthe house to mark up all features so nothing is ever missed.

Thorough Description of Home: When I list your home my home description will be warm and invitingand will list every feature and description your home has to offer. Even though we can add the featuresin the MLS, the MLS does not offer every possible feature your home could offer. I add all the additionalfeatures in the description.

Professional Photography: With every listing we have a professional photographer take photos of yourproperty. She has professional camera equipment and editing software to enhance your photo’s. Shewill use a wide angle lens to get the full room in the picture. There also won’t be a glare in the photo ofsunlight coming in through the windows. You will be able to look out the windows.Professional

Staging: Your home will show much better with our professional staging service. A lived inhome will get de‐cluttered and professionally staged by our stager. Your furniture may be re‐arrangedto make your home esthetically pleasing to the eye. Home décor may be added as well for a personaltouch. A staged home will sell much faster and with more money than a non‐staged home.

Wonderful Virtual Tour: We often will include 2 sets of virtual tours. Our virtual tour isn’t just a pictureslideshow. It’s an actual walk‐through of your home. We walk through the home as if the buyer is inyour home and point out special features of the home. We do this with professional equipment andediting software.