Professional Photography for every Listing!

Here are some sample photo's of our listings!

We have a professional photographer on staff who photographs all our listings using a high definition camera with wide angles to capture the full room and fully showing the room sizes. Many realtors will use their own pocket camera to photograph a listing and most realtors have never had any training in real estate photography. Photography is an art and a specialty that takes years of training to master. Our photographer’s talent and skills are available to each home owner in showcasing the features of your home through her photographs. We employ the techniques of HDR photography which lends a true to the eye view of your home interiors and lending your home listing a visual edge over the competition. We produce stunning images that will attract more prospective home buyers to your listing. Our listings are unique and stand out from ordinary real estate photography services agents typically use. (If they use them at all!) Notice in the photo-gallery above the following:

  • Bright blue sky
  • Vibrant color’s that stick out
  • Full room view and Multi Room Room
  • You can see through the windows
  • 2 story view for Tall cathedral ceilings

Below are more photos to view. Click the image below to see a larger image!

Home sellers used to count on curb appeal to make a good first impression on potential buyers. Now, with 80 percent of homebuyers starting their house hunt online, a home’s “pix appeal,” or how good it looks in photos posted on the Internet, is taking over as the top way to impress buyers off the bat. In a survey by the National Association of Realtors, homebuyers rated photos as the feature they use most when searching for a home on the web. Online listings with bad pictures — or worse, no pictures at all — can cause buyers to overlook your home from the get-go.” -HGTV Front Door

The vast majority of real estate listings are shot with ordinary point and shoot cameras. These types of camera’s simply cannot overcome the complex lighting and spatial challenges presented when shooting the interior of a home. There is always a glare in the windows, you can’t see the whole room. I recently took on a listing that was listed with another realtor who had no success selling the home.

Here is a side by side comparison of a regular point and shoot camera vs. a professional camera:

If you notice listings online the high end Million Dollar listings are usually shot with nice photographer. There are some agents listings really high end listings that don’t use a professional photographer. Most agents do not make that same investment for their lower priced listings. High volume photography services are more affordable options but they are no match for the service you get from a high-end professional. We use the same professional caliber photography equipment so all of our clients get the million dollar luxury home treatment! Even the best cameras can’t recreate what the human eye can see. Our unique post-production process brings color-accurate light and depth to each final image and provides potential buyers with much more realistic and inviting view of your home. We always enhance and brighten the main front photo to captivate a buyers attention when searching online. When buyers are on Trulia, Zillow, the front photo is the only photo they see before they click on the photo. We need to grab the buyers attention by the front photo.

Here are some more Professional Photos: