Online Marketing

Your home will be featured on numerous internet websites to further spread your reach, including, Zillow, Trulia,,, Craigslist, and many others as opportunities are made available.

Most Realtors don’t pay for an online account for these websites. Our MLS automatically feeds to these websites. Only realtors with a paid account to these sites can manually go in and add additional photos.

We can also go in and add an additional description. Our MLS only feeds in a small description, so many times the descriptions get cut off on these sites. Another thing that is very important to know is if your Realtor isn’t paying for their own account on these sites, the buyer leads will go to another realtor who is paying for leads.

Each of these sites require a realtor to pay to get their leads exclusively. If a realtor isn’t paying for these leads then any prospective buyers who inquires online will go to a realtor who is paying. This means the realtor that it goes to won’t need to sell the buyer your house.

As the listing agent we need to try to sell your house first before showing the buyers other homes. So it’s in your best interest to have a realtor respond to these leads in a timely matter. I also enhance my profile on all of these sites and request reviews from all my clients. When buyers are online searching for a buyers agent they heavily rely on these reviews to pick their next agent. Here is an example of a personal sites on all these websites:


Here is an example of what a Trulia Listing should look like:

*More than 25 photo’s uploaded

*Pink Agent's name is the only name that appears to the right.

*Plus notice all our reviews!

*Virtual Tour Uploaded

*Full description of home added


Here is what a Trulia listing looks like when a Realtor doesn’t have a paid account:

*Notice that my name shows up on the list.  This is because I am paying to get the leads for this realtors listing.  Allowing me to convert the buyers to your home.

*Notice the number of reviews I have compared to the other realtors on my list. Making me the prime choice realtor to choose.

*No additional photo’s added

*No additional description added

*No virtual tour added


Here is an example of what a Zillow Listing should look like:

*More than 25 photo’s uploaded

*Pink Agent is the only name that appears to the right

*Plus notice all our reviews!

*Virtual Tour Uploaded

*Full description of home added

*Video Walk-Through added


Here is what a Zillow looks like when an agent doesn't pay to get their leads:

*Minimum photo’s uploaded

*Multiple agents to chose from on the right

*Not as many reviews

*No Virtual Tour Uploaded

*Minimum description of home

*No Video Walk-Through added


Here is an example of a good listing:

* Pink Agent is the only agent that appears

*Full Photo with contact info displayed

*Pink Realty's company info displayed with logo

*More than 25 photo’s uploaded

*Virtual tour uploaded

*Full description added


Here is a Bad Listing!

*Realtor name and company not displayed.  Lead will be distributed to the agent that pays to get the leads.

*Only 25 photo’s uploaded

*No description

*No virtual tour


*Additional photo’s added to listing

*Virtual tour manually added

*Professional account with photo

*Description added


*This is a basic feed into from the MLS service

*No additional photo’s added for a $6million dollar listing

*No virtual tour added

*No additional description added

*This agent does not have a account