Investor Fix and Flip Listings!

CEO, Monica Breckenridge and Russ Breckenridge are investor's herself.  In fact that is how they started with her real estate career at first.  We completely understands that investors aren’t in the market to just sit on their properties. They want to turn and be in and out as quickly as possible.

Our CEO has done over 100 fix and flips.  We can advise you on what kind of flip you should do and will pull comps before purchasing your next flip. The goal is to buy the home right the first time.

You should never ask the listing agents opinion on re-sale because they are not looking out for your interest. You need a buyers agent to represent you when buying your next flip. Your Pink Realty agent will then tell you what price you should list the home at and we will give you a worst case sales comp. We always advise on running your fix and flip numbers off of the worst case sales price. Anything over the worst case sales price is just extra money in your pocket.