Builders Need a Listing agent too!

Samples of my Builder Photography!

There are many builders in town and you need to make your listing stand out from the rest of the crowd. A good listing agent that knows the business and how to market to buyers and to other realtors with buyers is the service you need. When I market your new build listing I do all the marketing you see on this website.

The wrong way to market a new build listing:

I see some builders who have a different sales rep in each community. This agent in the community is responsible for putting the new build home in the MLS and marketing the home. Wouldn't it make sense to have that sales person do what they are good at and have a different person handling allthe marketing for them. When you have a sales person handling yourmarketing, the result usually isn't quite good. I see some great builders whohave homes in the MLS with no photo's at all or blurry photo's. The camerathe sales rep uses is a noram point and shoot camera. This will never havewonderful photography. There was one builder rep I called while I was showing houses to see if they had any finished homes available to see right now. The rep said yes we do. My buyer ended up going under contract on this home. When I pulled the home up in the MLS, it was showing as a vacant lot. This house would have automatically gone in the trash when my buyers home search was set up through the MLS because my buyer needed something right now, not a home that was needing to be built. The problem was the builder rep was too busy to think about marketing the home. They got lucky to sell the home because I happened to call to see if they had any homes available.

Now think about this. Buyers are either working with a realtor who is setting up a home search for the buyer through the MLS. Or the buyer is looking on their own online. If the listing for this home was only showing dirt or a rendering, how is a buyer to have imagination on what this house is going to look like. The listing needs to be very detailed with wonderful photo's.

Another thing to consider is that each listng feeds into a Trulia, Zillow,, or site. If each neighborhood you are building in has a different rep and they are putting in their own listings, those will get fed automatically to those sites. I can tell you, that unless each individual rep is paying to get the leads for their listings, YOU ARE LOSING A LOT OF MONEY! Those valuable leads are going to other REALTORS who are paying for the lead.

The Correct way to market a new build:

There are many builders that do utilize a listing agent to market their homes, while at the same time using theirsales rep at the office for the builders own traffic. For Example Richmond Homes, DR Horton, Hi Point, Masterbilt Homes, and Challenger. There are many more as well.

If I were listing your home, I would be the online presenseof the listings, versus many different sales rep's. It is good to have consistency and a brand that sticks out. I pay for all my leads online so nobody else can grab them and try to snatch them away. As your listing agent it is my duty to sell your home before I take them anywhere else. If I was your listing agent you would have the peace of mind that your marketing would be taken care of and I would be driving in traffic from buyers and other realtors. My profile's on all online sites are complete with extremely high ratings and rankings.

You can see from my marketing plan all the wonderful things I can do to sell your home. Now we just need to formulate a plan to get your beautiful homes listed and SOLD. Let me handle this for you. I do offer discount listings to my builders. I would love to talk to you about the next course of action in brining more attention to your homes!

Bad Builder Photo's Actually displayed on MLS!